【アルバムレビューfrom the US】”Raised by Gypsies”でミムラス内藤彰子のカセットテープが紹介されました

ミムラス内藤彰子 mimlus naito akiko
アメリカの音楽キュレーションサイト「Raised by Gypsies」で、ミムラス内藤彰子カセットテープのレビューが紹介されています。全文英語ですが、ぜひ覗いてみてください。

“Raised by Gypsies”

■Review for Cassette Tape Album “SQUAME”
Mimlus Naito Akiko

“If there was a modern “Muppet Show” I could easily see Mimlus Naito Akiko on it as a guest”


■Review for Cassette Tape Single “HERE BY YOUR SIDE / Slaap Kindje Slaap”
Mimlus Naito Akiko feat.Tim Treffers

“If there was a song which was overally happy (like that song called “Happy”) and you imagined it being played over and over I’m sure that would not be the type of album anyone would want to hear because it’d be like eating too much candy. Mimlus Naito Akiko knows just how to deliver the proper balance to maintain true happiness through her music.”

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